Portrait of Christen Brewer

Artist's Bio:
Christen K. Brewer was born in Norwich, Connecticut in 1982. While she works predominantly in the medium of painting, working on both canvas and fused glass, Christen also has a passion for photography. She has a degree in Fine Arts/Graphic Design. Christen has held solo shows in Norwich at The Artspace Gallery, Epicure Brewing, The Gallery at the Wauregan, and the Tapped Apple in Westerly.  She was featured in the August 2014 edition of Norwich magazine. Several of her pieces have been displayed in galleries throughout Eastern CT. Christen currently lives and works in Norwich, Connecticut.


Christen’s passion for painting began with a big, dramatic pop of color and creativity. Around the age of 5, she scaled some closet shelves, atop which were stored an array of craft supplies. She then lured her younger brother to the closet floor and proceeded to deck him out in a coating of glue, a touch of feathers, and hearty splash of miscellaneous bits. To this day, she considers that one of her best statement pieces. Her brother grew up to be one of her biggest fans, though he's still a tad uneasy around abstracts.

In college, she really started to open up to what paint and a brush could do. Through guidance from a brilliant painter, she feverishly absorbed everything she could about techniques, color mixing, and canvas stretching. In time, she found confidence and harmony in what she had been taught about painting while flourishing in the freedom to forge her own way in art.