Change is Brewing - a blog about what we are all going through... Change.

About me: I've been called a live wire, funny, independent, obsessive, a micromanager, easy going, high energy, Type A, outgoing, smart, creative, and even twisted. But I reject most of that just like you'd expect an independent person say. I am probably a combination of all these things but in a specific order. What I definitely am is a goal achiever, an organizer, a creative, at times a gypsy, at times self-aware, a list maker, an empath, I'm authentic, I'm flawed, a worrier, and I care. I care about everything. And I care with all I've got. I'm self-consciously confident, darkly bright, and easily difficult.

So why should you read a blog I've written? For no real reason other than maybe you find something in it helpful, or thoughtful, or maybe it motivates you to do something. Even if that something happens to be to stop reading it.

And so why write about change? Change is something deeply personal but also something we all can relate to. Now my change isn't super noteworthy or even unique but it's my change and If you give a few moments, I'd like to tell you about it.